Web Design & Development

Web design is a process of planning and building the production and maintenance of websites. It requires many different skills such as, determining the layout, text, structure, graphic, and use of the interactive features that deliver pages to your site.

At Attractiveo we design a website that creates a smooth, coherent experience in which users are able to easily find what they are looking for, and accomplish what they came to your site to do

Our Website services include:

Mobile Friendly
We craft sites to provide optimal view experience by creating flexible layouts and flexible images across a wide range of devices. Computers, Smart Phones and Tablets

UX Design
We enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability provided in the interaction between the customer and the service or product, to improve readability and conversion.

SEO Ready
We build our website SEO optimized:
Fast load, optimized images, and absolutely no extra code to ensure lightning fast loading time and maximum search engine optimization.

Content Management Platform
We build our website on the most advanced open source content management system in the world. this will insure you stability and flexibility.

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